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Why KEYZ Capital?

Our entire company was built on the simple philosophy. If we help you achieve your goals, we will automatically be successful. It is with this simple principle that we are here to serve you.

We all have a bank we do business with. Where  we have our business checking accounts and make deposits. That is most likely not the right bank to help fund your future growth, help you purchase a building or buy your competitor. Instead of wasting months with the wrong bank, just to end up getting declined because of some small nuance, give us a call. 

We have a network of over 142 banks and lenders that are ready to help fund your next step to success.


Our lending team is capable of doing deals nationwide, which means no matter what state your current needs are in, we've got you covered!

Time Saving

We've investing countless hours building our database with the lenders who can get your deal funded. Consider the time and frustration you'll save by having us go to the exact lenders who can help you from day one.


Our team has a combined 37 years of commercial lending, business finance, real estate brokerage and business management experience. We know your pain and we've been in your shoes.


As your lending advisors, we have relationships with over 138 different banks and lending partners. From traditional banks to private and hard money lenders, and specialty financing companies, we know the right finance source for any deal!


From digital documents and e-signing, to electronically collecting your documents and processing your financial applications. Our team has implemented cutting edge technology to serve you better.

Always Avaialable

We balance old school and new school.
Got a question? Need an answer? We're here for you! Prefer email? Or text? Love a personal call by phone or even live chat on our website. You got it!

What our clients say

Meet our broker

Jason Keyz


Nobody is more passionate about business and commercial real estate than our founder and principal broker Jason Keyz. A serial entrepreneur himself, Jason loves helping business owners, landlords and investors grow. 

Marketing and negotiation, two of the most valuable skills a broker could possess  are where Jason really shines.

Would you like to discuss your specific needs?

Give us a call or shoot us a message. We look forward to serving you!

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